Isopods for Sale

Isopods And More LLC is an online store that provides an array of products to make your pet’s habitat more natural and bioactive. Whether you need isopods to clean your tank or corks, bark flats, rounds, and hides to make their home feel more natural and cozy, we have everything you need. We have isopods for sale.


What are isopods?

An isopod is a crustacean that has a segmented body with seven pairs of legs. These little guys have an exoskeleton like shrimp and crabs do. Isopods belong to the order Isopoda, which means “the same foot”.

With little effort, they can be cultured to be pets.  This makes them very attractive to culture for use as part of the clean-up crew for bioactive terrariums.  They have different varieties of colors and attributes.  Some do well in arid habitats and others do well in tropical environments.  

Isopods for terrarium

Visit our store and find your new family member or clean-up crew today! We have a variety of isopods for sale, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.


It’s time to expand your pet collection

Do you have a house full of pets? Now you can welcome an Isopod, too! These small crustaceans are great for kids of all ages because they’re easy to care for and don’t need a lot of space. Isn’t it time you added this new pet to your family?

Powder Blue Isopods for Sale

The ability of Powder Blue Isopods to thrive in a range of temperature and humidity levels is makes them adaptable.

Powder Orange Isopods for Sale

The ability of Powder Orange Isopods to thrive in a range of temperature and humidity levels is makes them adaptable.

Dairy Cow Isopods for Sale

Dairy Cows are found under rocks and fallen logs. They can also be found in dung and compost piles, making them excellent cleanup crews.

Learn how to care for your pet isopods

Caring for your pet isopods does not need to be hard or expensive. With our guide you can take care of your pets quickly and easily.

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