FDAC Permits

Florida Departrment of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Permit NumberExpiration DateSpecimen
2022-0848/16/2025Armadillidium vulgar, Atlantoscia floridana, Cubaris murina, Porcellio laevis, Porcellio scaber, Porcellionides floria, Porcellionides pruinosus, Venezillo parvus
2023-0465/08/2026Folsomia candida

APHIS Permits

Permit Number


Expiration Date


526-23-173-99901 LA 6/22/2026 Porcellionides pruinosus
526-23-171-99904 CA 6/20/2026 Porcellio scaber;#Porcellionides pruinosus;#Porcellio laevis
526-23-186-99900 MT 7/5/2026 Porcellio scaber;#Porcellionides pruinosus;#Porcellio laevis
526-23-186-99899 CT, DC, IN, AR, GA, CO, DE, KY, SD, ID, RI, IL, KS, MD, MA, NM, IA, VT, NH, NJ, ME, MS, MI, SC, MN, NE, UT, MO, NV, NY, PA, NC, ND, OH, WY, OK, TN, TX, WV, VA, WA, WI 7/5/2026 Porcellio laevis;#Porcellionides pruinosus;#Porcellio scaber
526-23-186-99902 AL 7/5/2026 Porcellio scaber;#Porcellionides pruinosus;#Porcellio laevis
526-23-186-99903 OR 7/5/2026 Porcellio laevis;#Porcellionides pruinosus;#Porcellio scaber
526-23-139-93706 AZ 5/19/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-144-93707 CO 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-144-93708 CA 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-164-95884 NH 6/13/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-153-95885 NJ 6/2/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-164-95886 NV 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-144-95887 NE 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-164-95888 MT 6/13/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-153-95889 MO 6/2/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-164-95892 MS 6/13/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-153-95893 MN 6/2/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-159-95898 MI 6/8/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-144-95900 MA 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-144-95902 MD 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-164-95905 ME 6/13/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-153-95908 LA 6/2/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-159-95909 KY 6/8/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-144-95911 KS 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-164-95914 IA 6/13/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-159-95916 IN 6/8/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-159-95918 IL 6/8/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-164-95922 ID 6/13/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-153-95924 GA 6/2/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-162-95928 DE 6/11/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-159-95931 AR 6/8/2026 Folsomia candida
526-23-144-95934 CT 5/24/2026 Folsomia candida
526-22-314-20299 AL 11/10/2025 Folsomia candida
526-23-186-99898 NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, UT, SC, SD, TN, VA, TX, VT, WA, WV, WI, WY 7/5/2026 Folsomia candida

APHIS Environmental Awareness

Be Environmentally Conscious

The live organisms you received are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture for distribution to your State through a permit issued to the Biological Supply Company. A permit is necessary because these organisms could pose some risk to agriculture or the environment if misused.

Your cooperation is essential to ensure the proper disposal of these live organisms when you are finished with your use.

To PROTECT your environment you must follow these 4 procedures:

Do not allow students or anyone else to take any organismshome.
Do not distribute the organism to anyone.
Do not release the organisms outdoors.
You must dispose of these live organisms (and all materials exposed to these organisms) by placing them into plastic bags and freezing them for 3 days before disposal in your regular trash.

If you have any questions about the handling, keeping, or disposal of these organisms, please contact your supplier or APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine at: 866-524-5421 or pest.permits@aphis.usda.gov