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Bioactive Hedgehog Enclosure

In my latest DIY adventure, I took on the challenge of building a bioactive hedgehog enclosure, and let me tell you, it’s been a thrilling project! I repurposed an Ikea PAX unit, hacking it into a splendid enclosure that not only serves the natural needs of my hedgehog but also beautifully blends with my home decor. This setup, rich with layers of substrate, lush plants, and a bustling cleanup crew of isopods and springtails, creates a perfect little ecosystem. It’s more than just a pet habitat; it’s a piece of art in my living room. Megan and I are thrilled with how it’s turned out – a true testament to combining functionality with style in pet care.

Naturalistic, Bioactive Vivarium for your Reptiles and Amphibians

Every animal deserves a natural healthy environment to inhabit!

Isopods are a necessary addition to any reptile or amphibian habitat. If you’re looking for isopods and other bioactive habitats accessories, Isopods and More has got you covered!

The Clean Up Crew

We specialize in selling isopods for your bioactive habitat. We carry a variety of different types of isopods, including those that are great for cleaning up your terrarium!

Bioactive Habitat accessories

Ensure your pets have the best life possible by providing them with a natural and comfortable environment that mimics their natural habitat. Add isopods to your habitat to keep it clean, or check out our other bioactive products like corks, bark flats, rounds and hides

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