LARGE CORK BARK FLAT Terrarium Bromeliad Orchid Bioactive Reptile Background #A3

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This listing is for one large cork bark flat.  The picture is the exact piece of cork bark that you will receive. This cork bark can be broken or cut up into smaller parts.

Ensure your pets have the best life possible by providing a natural and comfortable environment that mimics their natural habitat.  You want to decorate a reptile or amphibian’s habitat and need a safe, environmentally-responsible material. Cork bark is the best for you! Cork bark is made of natural, virgin cork that can be sustainably harvested. It does not degrade and lasts long, even in a humid environment.  The cork bark flat is a responsibly sourced and sustainable material for this variety of natural decoration.

With its ability to withstand extreme humidity, this cork bark can be used in any environment. So be sure to include this cork bark item in your project today.  Build your habitat masterpiece with our quality cork bark. Whether professional or a beginner, our high-quality products are the perfect way to create your little piece of natural paradise. With an abundant variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, you’re bound to find the ideal fit for any project!

  • Unique material that lasts and resists mold and algae
  • Installation methods are simple, quick, and can be done anywhere.
  • Safe to use in any habitat type. Create natural homes for your creatures.


Good for Habitats: Bearded Dragons, Dart Frogs, Snakes, Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos

If you are still looking for the piece you want, contact us and tell us your needs.  Then, we can help you find the part you need to finish that habitat project.

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