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This listing is for 1 Pack of Botanicals

Each pack contains at least 1 Magnolia Seed pod and a miscellaneous assortment that may include Casurina Cones, Twisty Pods, Curvy Pods, Arti Pods, Lafi Pods, Jacaranda Pods, and Douglas Fir Cones.

Botanicals are an essential part of any reptile or bioactive enclosure. They provide a naturalistic look and feel to the terrarium, as well as providing beneficial micro-habitats for small invertebrates. Magnolia seed pods, isopods, and other botanicals can be used to create a biodiverse environment in which your reptiles can thrive. Additionally, these botanicals are an excellent source of food for reptiles and other animals in the enclosure. With the right setup, these botanicals can help create a healthy and sustainable environment that will last for years to come.

About Isopods And More LLC:
Naturalistic, Bioactive Vivarium for your Reptiles and Amphibians
Every animal deserves a healthy natural environment to inhabit!
Isopods are a necessary addition to any reptile or amphibian habitat. If you’re looking for isopods and other bioactive habitats accessories, Isopods and More has got you covered!
The Clean-Up Crew:
We specialize in selling isopods for your bioactive habitat. We carry various types of isopods, including those great for cleaning up your terrarium!
Bioactive Habitat accessories:
Ensure your pets have the best life possible by providing a natural and comfortable environment that mimics their natural habitat. Add isopods to your habitat to keep it clean, or check out our other bioactive products like corks, bark flats, rounds, and hides


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