12 QT ISOPOD BIN Blue with Latches and 3 Vents Enclosure for Isopods and Springtails

The isopod bin is a perfect home for your isopod pets, providing a spacious and comfortable living environment for them to thrive. With a durable plastic construction and a secure locking lid, this bin is ideal for housing and breeding your favorite isopod species.


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12 QT Isopod Bin Blue Top with latches and 3 Vents

The isopod bin with latches is an exceptional and versatile container meticulously designed to house and nourish your isopod colony. It is built from premium quality plastic that provides exceptional durability and longevity. The bin features a sturdy lid that comes with adjustable vents, which allow for optimal regulation of humidity and air circulation. This ensures that your isopods remain in a healthy environment. Additionally, the bin includes a removable substrate tray that facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that your colony stays in a hygienic and comfortable environment.

With a capacity of 12 quarts, the isopod bin is an ideal option for both novice and experienced isopod breeders. You can use it to initiate your own isopod culture or expand an existing one. The smooth plastic surface and rounded corners make cleaning a hassle-free experience, while the robust construction guarantees your isopods’ safety and security.

Overall, this isopod bin is a reliable and practical solution for people looking to keep and maintain a healthy and thriving isopod colony.

Whether you’re a seasoned isopod enthusiast or just starting, the isopod bin with latches is essential for successfully housing and breeding your favorite isopod species. Order yours today and watch your colony thrive!

  • Built-in handle on 12-quart storage totes for easy removal from shelves and transparent
  • Sturdy plastic bin with locking latches secure contents inside
  • Stackable storage boxes to make the most of limited space
  • Dimensions: 16.50″L x 10.98″W x 6.53″H
  • Maximum weight capacity: 15 lbs.
  • Color: Clear body and Clear Blue Lid with Blue Locking Latches
  • Vents are Isopod And More LLC’s 3D Printed Vents
  • Vents have Grade 100 Unbleached Cotton Cheese Cloth to prevent bugs from entering or leaving through vents
  • Vents are Shiny Blue


About Isopods And More LLC:

Naturalistic, Bioactive Vivarium for your Reptiles and Amphibians Every animal deserves a healthy natural environment to inhabit! Isopods are a necessary addition to any reptile or amphibian habitat. So, if you’re looking for isopods and other bioactive habitat accessories, Isopods and More has got you covered! The Clean-Up Crew: We specialize in selling isopods for your bioactive habitat. We carry various isopods, including those great for cleaning up your terrarium! Bioactive Habitat accessories: Ensure your pets have the best life possible by providing a natural and comfortable environment that mimics their natural habitat. For example, add isopods to your habitat to keep it clean, or check out our other bioactive products like corks, bark flats, rounds, and hides.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 8 in
Vent Color

Shiny Blue, White, Shiny Green, Shiny Purple, Black


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