5.75 QT ISOPOD BIN with Latches and 2 Green Vents Enclosure for Isopods and Springtails

The isopod bin is a perfect home for your isopod pets, providing a spacious and comfortable living environment for them to thrive. With a durable plastic construction and a secure locking lid, this bin is ideal for housing and breeding your favorite isopod species.


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Introducing our versatile 5.75 QT Isopod Bin – not limited to isopods alone, but also an excellent solution for housing various other animals or critters. Whether cultivating an isopod colony or storing mealworms, superworms, or other small creatures, this bin is the perfect habitat for your diverse needs.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Purpose Design: The 5.75 QT Isopod Bin is not confined to isopod care alone; it is a versatile container suitable for various small animals and critters. Explore its potential as a habitat for mealworms, superworms, or other creatures that benefit from a controlled environment.
  2. Optimal Ventilation: With two strategically placed vents at the back, this bin ensures proper airflow, maintaining the ideal conditions for various creatures. The shiny green vents with Grade 100 Unbleached Cheesecloth barriers provide functionality and a touch of vibrancy to the habitat.
  3. Strategic Vent Placement: The vents on the left and right sides at the back of the bin offer an efficient layout for different critters, allowing for tailored air circulation based on the specific needs of the inhabitants.
  4. Compact 5.75-Quart Size: Whether you’re caring for isopods, mealworms, superworms, or other critters, the 5.75-quart capacity is perfect for those with limited space. Its compact size makes it ideal for creating specialized habitats for various small animals.
  5. Transparent Design: The clear body of the bin allows for easy observation of your creatures, ensuring you can monitor their behavior without causing unnecessary disturbance. It’s a valuable feature for enthusiasts who want to engage with their pets and observe their natural behaviors.
  6. Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy materials, the bin provides various creatures a secure and durable home. The smooth surfaces simplify cleaning and maintenance, catering to the different needs of isopods, mealworms, superworms, and more.
  7. Dimensions and Capacity:
    • Dimensions:  4.53″H x 7.99″W x 14.1″D
    • Capacity: 5.75 Quarts
  8. Versatile Usage: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced keeper, this bin is versatile enough to accommodate different critters. It’s an essential tool for fostering a thriving habitat, no matter the small animals you choose to care for.

Choose our 5.75 QT Isopod Bin for a versatile, efficient, and visually appealing solution to house and cultivate isopods, mealworms, superworms, and other small creatures. Order now and create an ideal habitat for your diverse array of companions!


About Isopods And More LLC:

Naturalistic, Bioactive Vivarium for your Reptiles and Amphibians Every animal deserves a healthy natural environment to inhabit! Isopods are a necessary addition to any reptile or amphibian habitat. So if you’re looking for isopods and other bioactive habitats accessories, Isopods and More has got you covered! The Clean-Up Crew: We specialize in selling isopods for your bioactive habitat. We carry various isopods, including those great for cleaning up your terrarium! Bioactive Habitat accessories: Ensure your pets have the best life possible by providing a natural and comfortable environment that mimics their natural habitat. For example, add isopods to your habitat to keep it clean, or check out our other bioactive products like corks, bark flats, rounds, and hides.

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