25+ POWDER BLUE AND 25+ POWDER ORANGE ISOPODS reptiles dart frog bioactive LAG

In a bioactive setup or naturalistic vivarium, powder blue isopods make great cleaners.

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25+ Powder Blue Isopods and 25+ Powder Orange Isopods with a Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG)

(50+ isopods total)

This listing is for 50+ isopods (25+ blue and 25+ orange in separate containers) to start your own cultures or to add to an existing culture. We offer a live arrival guarantee. Based on weather conditions, we reserve the right to have the package held for pickup at the closest local pickup office.

Want to clean your vivarium or keep it looking tidy? Powder Blue and Orange isopods are the answer! Porcellionides pruinosus isopods are a hardy species of isopod that quickly produce. They make great cleaners in a bioactive or naturalistic vivarium. Their small size, color, and fast production make them an appealing addition to any tank, large or small.

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As a hardy species of isopod, Porcellionides pruinosus ‘Powder Blue’ and ‘Powder Orange’ produce quickly. In a bioactive setup or naturalistic vivarium, powder blue isopods make great cleaners. Their activity, size, and color make them very appealing. Additionally, this species moves extremely fast! During their immature stages, these isopods appear gray or white. As they mature, they take on a purplish or orange hue before becoming color mature. Keeping these isopods outside of a vivarium is possible with our Isopod Substrate or even better with our Isopod Culturing Kit. Since it is easy to maintain, the species is bred as a food source for pets or as a pet. 


The ability of powder Porcellionides pruinosus to thrive in a range of temperature and humidity levels is one of the key characteristics that makes them so adaptable.


There are many different types of food these isopods will consume, such as decaying hardwood (non-pine), leaf litter, Magnolia pods, freeze-dried peas or beans, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, yeast, shrimp meal, and many more. Most isopod foods like ours have a healthy balance of ingredients that will work for these isopods.

Life Cycle

In general, they grow up to about 1cm (around 0.5ft) in length. An estimated 1- to 2-year lifespan is believed to be typical for them.

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