Nature’s Kaleidoscope: Vibrant Pleated Inkcaps Transform Dart Frog Haven


Come and explore the amazing growth of Pleated Inkcap mushrooms (Parasola plicatilis) in our dart frog terrarium as we warmly welcome you to our world of wonders. The Pleated Inkcap, also known as Parasola plicatilis, is a fascinating mushroom species highly regarded for its intricate and delicate features.

In our thoughtfully designed environment, these captivating mushrooms flourish, showcasing the beauty of nature. You can witness the Pleated Inkcaps gradually revealing their pleated caps, resembling exquisite umbrellas, while their slim stems elegantly emerge from the ground. They bring a hint of enchantment and fascination to our terrarium, providing a captivating display.

The interdependent bond between the Pleated Inkcaps and dart frogs adds a captivating dimension to this ecosystem. The mushrooms offer nourishment and protection, while the dart frogs aid in the well-being of the mushrooms through their innate actions. It is a mutually beneficial partnership.

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