What Can I Feed to a Bearded Dragon

Figuring out what to feed your bearded dragons might seem like a herculean task; however, the truth is that feeding a bearded dragon isn’t as complicated as it may seem. These lizards can eat a wide variety of foods, making them easy to feed. And in this post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about feeding your beardie.

What Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

Bearded dragons can eat animals, vegetables, and fruits, and you must provide them with a variety of these foods to ensure that they get the various nutrients they need for their optimum growth and well-being. However, not every plant and animal is ideal for feeding bearded dragons; some plants and animals might be toxic to them.

So, each section of edible plants and animals would be categorized into three sections, everyday foods, occasional foods, and toxic foods. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the most ideal meals for your pet.

Plant Materials:

There are three types of plants that a bearded dragon can eat; these include green vegetables, fruits, and some flowers. But how do you choose the right veggies and fruits? Essentially, veggies and fruits that are high in calcium and vitamins can be fed to your bearded dragon daily. Foods with low to moderate amounts of phosphorous, potassium, oxalate, and goitrogens can be fed to them occasionally; however, it should be occasionally. IF A PLANT IS HIGH IN POTASSIUM, OXALATE, AND GOITROGENS, THEN IT IS A NO-NO.

Daily Plants For Your Bearded Dragons:

These foods can be fed to your animal daily and in large portions.

Occasional Plants For Your Bearded Dragons:

This list of foods should be fed to them at most twice a week.

Plants To Avoid:

It is crucial that you also do your research for more veggies and fruits you should and shouldn’t feed your bearded dragons.

Animal Materials:

Daily Animals For Your Bearded Dragon:

Occasional Animals For Your Bearded Dragon:

Animals To Avoid:

How To Feed Bearded Dragons:

The ratio of the plant-to-animal diet of your bearded dragon will depend on their age or growth stage. For young bearded dragons, their diet should mainly comprise proteins, in a ratio of 75% (protein) to 25% (plant food); this is because they need protein for the development of their body. Adult bearded dragons should be fed an equal amount of protein and plant-based foods (50:50).

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