Isopods for Bioactive Terrariums

What are isopods?

Isopods are small, land-dwelling crustaceans that include pillbugs, sowbugs, and rolly pollies. These creatures are widely distributed globally and can be found in nearly any terrestrial habitat. Due to their small size and ability to withstand harsh conditions, isopods have become popular pets among invertebrate enthusiasts. More importantly isopods for bioactive terrariums perform as cleaners of the habitat.

One of the most appealing aspects of keeping isopods as pets are their ability to thrive in bioactive terrariums. A bioactive terrarium is a closed ecosystem containing living plants and animals. The plants in a bioactive terrarium help filter the water and provide animal food and shelter. The animals, in turn, help to aerate the soil and keep the plants healthy.

Isopods are particularly well-suited for bioactive terrariums because they are detritivores. This means that they eat dead and decaying matter, which helps break down organic material and recycle nutrients into the ecosystem. Isopods also play an essential role in controlling populations of pests such as springtails and fruit flies.

Isopods in Bioactive Terrarium

What are the roles of isopods in terrariums?


Isopods play a vital role in the decomposition process. They help break down organic matter and release nutrients into the soil. This is beneficial for both the plants and the other animals in the terrarium. Isopods also help to aerate the soil and keep it from becoming compacted.

Pest control

Isopods can help to control pests in a terrarium. They will eat the same things pests like, such as plants and small insects. This can help to keep the population of pests down and prevent them from damaging the plants or causing other problems.

Clean up crew

Isopods can also help to clean up the terrarium. They will eat leftover food, fecal matter, and dead animals. This helps to keep the terrarium clean and free of disease. Isopods can also help to aerate the soil and keep it from becoming compacted.


Isopods can also add to the aesthetics of a bioactive terrarium. They come in various colors and sizes, so you can choose ones that complement the other plants and animals in your terrarium. Isopods require relatively low maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about them too much once they’re in the terrarium.

Humidity regulation

Isopods can help to regulate the humidity in a bioactive terrarium. They do this by releasing water vapor when they breathe. This can help to keep the air in the terrarium moist and comfortable for the other plants and animals.

Isopod on Leaf Litter

How to care for isopods in bioactive terrariums

1)Provide a hiding place – isopods like to hide during the day and will do so if given the opportunity. A piece of cork bark or a small clay pot turned on its side makes a good hiding place for isopods.

2)Keep the terrarium moist – isopods require high humidity to stay healthy. Make sure to mist the terrarium daily and keep the substrate moist but not soggy.

3)Offer food – isopods are detritivores and will eat just about any organic matter. You can offer them chopped vegetables, fruits, leaf litter, and even small insects.

4)Provide calcium – to molt properly, isopods need a calcium supplement. This can be provided in the form of cuttlebone, eggshells, or calcium powder.

5)Maintain proper temperature – most species of isopod do best at room temperature (around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit). If you live in a warmer climate, you may need to provide a heat source, such as a heat lamp, to keep the terrarium warm.

Where do you buy isopods?

Online retailers are the best place to buy isopods. This is because you can purchase them in bulk and have them shipped directly to your door. When culturing isopods, it is good to source your isopods from various retailers. When selecting an online retailer, choosing one that specializes in isopods is essential. This will ensure you’re getting healthy, high-quality isopods that are well-suited for terrarium life.

Isopods and More LLC is an excellent option for purchasing isopods online. They offer a variety of species and sizes, and they also sell other types of invertebrates that make great additions to terrariums.


Isopods are a great addition to any bioactive terrarium. They help to break down organic matter, control pest populations, and regulate humidity levels. Isopods are a great option if you’re interested in setting up a terrarium.

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